Not your traditional long, boring prenatal class series. Our course is delivered by clinical experts, in one afternoon, because we know you are busy getting your life ready for a baby. Our session is fun, engaging, and full of useful and memorable information that you will actually use to make your transition into parenthood a positive experience.



  • Coping with the 3rd trimister

  • Preparing the home for baby

  • Helpful to do list

  • What baby items do you actually need

  • Packing for the hospital

  • Discomforts and anxiety

  • Braxton hicks and baby kicks

  • Early labour and other emergencies

  • Making a realistic birth plan for a positive birth experience.


Labour and birth

  • What is labour

  • How to know when it starts & what to do

  • Pain vs Suffering, coping in labour

  • Positions & Breathing

  • What can the suppport person do & helpful communication tips for labour.

  • Epidurals, C-Sections and other interventions

  • Pushing and Birth

  • What happens after birth, skin to skin & more



  • Learning to breastfeed

  • Recovering from birth

  • Dealing with visitors & getting helpful support

  • Caring for your newborn

  • How to optimize sleep

  • Diet, Exercise and Sex

  • Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

  • Communication & Intimacy

  • Connecting with other new parents

  • Other resources